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Weed accessories you shouldn’t be without; A modern take on an oldie but goodie. The Zombie Survival Kit for Smokers.

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When you’re on the go all the time this is one of the best weed accessories to have on you.  It has almost everything you need to travel with weed.



So, what is the Zombie Survival Kit for Smokers?

Long name, awesome product!  I think they call it that because if a zombie outbreak happens and they find your stash, they won’t be able to figure out how to get inside of it and smoke your weed.

All jokes aside, it’s a modern version of a “dugout.” Dugouts have been around a while; the earliest people have said they had seen one is mid-1970’s.

They’re also called “one-hitters” or “chillums.” Pretty much a case that has almost everything you need to take a quick toke of chronic smoke.  Just supply a lighter, weed and you’re good to go!


Why it’s in my daily rotation

I am in love with the Zombie Survival Kit for Smokers (ZSKFS) and I refuse to hide it!

My reasons for loving it are as follows:

  • Convenient to carry
  • I can carry more than one type
  • Conserves my stash

    weed accessory
    It’s handy AF.
  • Great for hiking, ball games, parties.
  • Easy to clean
  • Very durable
  • Virtually smell-proof (if it’s DANK, you’ll smell it a little bit when it’s closed)
  • Holds a lot of weed
  • They have a variety of “bats” to choose from
  • Kinda ninja with smoking weed in outdoor places
  • You get your money’s worth
  • Fits in my stash box with the rest of my weed accessories
  • It’s hella cool.

Honestly, I’m really glad I came across these.  It’s a simple but effective tool for getting your weed smoke on the run, in the streets or at grandma’s house.

If I know we’ll be gone for a while I get to grinding up a few grams and packing my Zombie Survival Kit for Smokers for the trip.  I love the fact I don’t have to take a grinder with us or roll a few joints for us, just pack the kits and get going.

Quick & easy – out the door.


Sick features that totally benefit you  

  1. It’s made from industrial nylon. It’s tough and well put together. I mean, it was made in the USA 😊
  2. Swivel top that won’t loosen with use. You can adjust the tightness easily with a screwdriver or pocket-knife. In fact, if you keep it really tight it’ll probably keep water out completely (not tested by me, so don’t say it’s my fault your stuff got wet)
  3. Huge herb storage area. It can literally hold up to 7 grams of ground up cannabis.  You want to grind it because it’ll fit in the “bats” easier that way.
  4. 2 smoky stick “bats.” These are what you actually use to smoke out of. Most dugouts only come with one bat.  These folks designed this one for those of us with friends, so if you wanna share you’re good to go.
  5. Soft springs that gently pop up your smoky sticks when you twist the top to open it. Not too hard and not too soft.  I kinda get a kick out of watching them pop up.
  6. There’s a freaking secret stash part on the bottom that holds 2 more grams of herb. That’s a whole lotta space to store your marijuana!  You could even keep another “flavor” in the secret part.
  7. It’s about as big as a cigarette pack. 4 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide and less than an inch thick.  This thing can fit almost anywhere; purse, pocket, backpack, you’re not worried about it bulking up your stuff
  8. Virtually crush proof. You’d have to try hard to break this.
  9. Poker tool. They didn’t leave you hanging trying to figure out how to get the ash out or have you blowing it all over the place either.  They’re so thoughtful.
  10. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hit them up if you’re not diggin’ it. But you will. Just sayin’.


weed accessory picture with descriptive words
Secret stash, not so secret now…still a BIG bonus though!


Is there anything bad about these things?  Um, NO!

OK, so you know we keeps it real here at Rev420, we give you all the info for you to make the best decisions for your 420 adventures.

weed accessories cleaning kit
The glass Smoky Sticks are my favorite. Literally takes less than 5 minutes to clean everything.

Since it is burning cannabis, the bats and poker will get “resinated” (is that a real word?) really fast.  The good news is regular rubbing alcohol will take care of that.  Just have some cotton swabs and maybe some cotton pads or toilet paper folded over with a dab of alcohol and rub away the nasty.

Easy work, really.

Other than having to clean it often for best taste, ease of use, and to keep the smell to a minimum, I can’t think of another bad thing about this thing.



Should You Pick Up One of the Hottest Weed Accessories in Years?

  • If you consider yourself an on-the-go person with shit to do and need your weed to-go – YES, pick one of these up today
  • If you want to carry different strains on you and keep it fresh and keep your load light – YES, get a couple
  • Going on a road trip, travelling across the state and don’t want a hassle – BUY one now
  • If your stoner friends are having a birthday – GET them one of these
  • Great for conserving your stash – Yes, that’s a good thing

The point is this dugout is handy, compact and seriously cool in so many ways.  I really don’t know how I lived without this for so long and why no one ever told me about it!

It’s not something you’ll waste money on.  This is an investment.  This is made in America by Americans.  You will not be disappointed at all.  I wasn’t and I’m hard to please.

The Zombie Survival Kit for Smokers has a really long name that sounds kinda weird, but it’s cool because it’s a dope weed accessory that should be in every weed smoker’s stash box, pocket or purse.

Find the whole selection here.  They ship super-fast too.  Pick one up for yourself and your friends.

Check out my Rev on the ZSKFS on YouTube where I give you the whole run down about how to use it here.

If you do get one, you’ll thank us later.  It really is one of the best weed accessories I’ve come across in years!


Just Blaze,

Kando Fosho


P.S.  I like to challenge myself to take the whole hit from a Smoky Stick in one lungful.  Need better lung capacity?  Check out our blog on how you can possibly get stronger lungs and bigger hits here.


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