RAW Smoker’s Kit

Everything you need for your smoking pleasure!

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Here’s the Deal.


You’re tired of carrying around hella stuff in your backpack or purse, right?  You need something that’s stylish, heavy-duty, carries a buncha stuff, and everybody will think it’s super-dope.


We’ve found something you’ll really dig.  The Raw Smoker’s Kit.

Details, details:

  • It’s airtight – Making it smell proof and  it’ll float if it should happen to take a pool/lake dive
  • Waterproof (when closed, duh)
  • Use the lid for a rolling tray   
  • RAW Rolling Papers (1 pack of each)-King Size papers, RAW Classic, RAW Organic, and RAW Black
  • Included is the
  • RAW 110mm Cigarette Maker 
  • RAW Pre Rolled Tips RAW Magnifying Card/ Scoop Card
  • RAW Hemp Wicks
  • Rolling Paper Depot 4 Piece Grinder (42mm in diameter)
  • Three small Pop Top style containers

All of this and still comes in at  6.5 x 4.5 inches.  Yeah, that small.  But come on, it holds tons!

These tend to fly outta the stores so don’t sleep on this deal.  Get yours today!

Just Blaze.