Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter

Keep Your Smoke to Yourself.

A personal air filter that truly keeps the air clean, when you need it.

After using the Smoke Buddy brand odor cleaning device for almost a year – We love it and highly recommend it if you want to keep your room free of odors and nosey people.

  • Landlord say the neighbors have been “smelling weed smoke from your apartment?”
  • Too many close calls with your parent’s keen sense of smell?
  • Hotels charge you extra for “smoke odor” left behind?

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Here’s the deal:

You gotta be smart about your smoking habits.

The Smoke Buddy can’t help if you blaze up a J and think it’s going to clean the air coming from the lit end.

No buddy – it doesn’t work like that buddy.

We use a vapor pen that burns herb – with very little smoke and smell coming from it.


How often do you need to change it?

For daily smokers who blaze about 5 – 7 times a day, this will last you about 2 to 3 months.

For those of you who smoke more or less, adjust that timeline.


We’ve noticed that after a while smoke tends to escape thru the end and you can smell it, lightly.

Haven’t had any clogging, or had it break on us either.

Sizes to choose from – Jr., Regular, and Mega

Packaging – hard plastic. Must destroy plastic to open.

Extras – comes with caps to cover openings, a matching keychain “smoke buddy” toy, super convenient  and it’s well made.


Rev 420 ProTips:

  • We’ve never kept the caps attached to this product and it works awesomely.
  • People with full lips will have some difficulty getting the proper “seal” when using the smaller versions.
  • Consider using incense, scented candles or a light air freshener when using this product – just in case.
  • Buy 2 at a time. When one stops working, you have a back-up.

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