Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers 2 Sheet Pack

You know how every now and then when you get that feeling of extra-special-ness? We get that feeling every day. After opening a bottle of green goodness and smelling that earthy/skunky, potent aroma that comes from that special plant we call cannabis sativa…Oh, my bad!

If rolling joints is your thing and you have a special occasion…

Or if you’re just in the mood for a spliff with some BLING…

Here’s a big treat for you!


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Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers (2 Sheet Pack)

That’s right.  Gold – rolling – papers.

Now you can feel like it’s your Bday, News Years and Oscar night – anytime.

What’s the deal?

–         Hemp papers covered in 24k gold leaf

–         Company claims product is safe.  Even tho they don’t talk about it on their site…

–         Real GOLD, regular papers

Here’ what we know:

–         The gold used is edible – food grade.

–         Flakes end up in your ashes – for more BLING effect.

–         People say they’re super slow burning – no runs or waste

–         Same size as Zags – 1 ¼ inch

–         Certificate of authenticity included – papers for your papers

–         ONLY 2 papers per pack!  Yes, two.

–         Taste is “different” than other papers – well, duh, they’re GOLD.


We have to know how you feel about these, since you’re all ballin’ outta’ control with your bad self!  So tell us how it went when you get em!

But we do love our own GREEN & GOLD: Oakland Athletics – Go A’s!

Just Blaze!