Cali Crusher Bag

A sick bag for those who need to store their bud and weed accessories in style.

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Here’s the Deal
You need a bag that does more than just hold your bud.  No problem!  You know we got you.
This stash bag is almost everything you need it to be.
What’s good? Well, it’s:
  • 100% Smell Proof – Activated Carbon
  • Weather Resistant Materials
  •  Has a Combination Lock for Maximum Protection
  • 3 Velcro Dividers – Creating 4 Compartments
  • 4 Mesh Storage Pockets – Easy Travel Companion w/ 2 Handles

How can you beat that???

If you’re still living at your parent’s pad or if you got nosey roommates, you can’t go wrong with this secure Cali Crusher bag to store your cheeba in.

Snap one up today before they’re all gone!

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