Mantello Jamaican Man Ashtray

Everyone can appreciate THIS dude layin’ around, not paying rent.  At least he’s helpful!

If you blaze a spliff around ya house on the regular, you need something to catch dem ashes.

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What’s this all about?

Jamaican Man Holding Ashtray Cigarette Weed Ashtray

  • A small bowl to tap your burns into
  • Paper weight
  • Inspiration to chill out after work

Here’s all we know?

  • It’s super tiny. The bowl for ash is only 2.5 inches wide
  • Easy to stash if necessary. The whole thing is like half a foot long!
  • Made with Poly Resin, so it’s hardcore. Not heavy tho.
  • Cool colorings man. Has a kinda old school look to it – not that shiny plastic stuff.
  • It doesn’t suck

People really dig this little dude.  We think you will too.

We have a friend of his that has been living with us for years.  He watches our incense for us.

Homey has been doing the best job and he inspires us daily to burn and be safe while doing it.

You can be safe and inspired too!

Let this dude crash at your pad.  Get him HERE.


Don’ wait too long tho.  He needs to be settled by next 420.

Just Blaze!