The United States of Bud Flag

Ok, so it’s missing a couple of fan leaves.  The idea is still the same though.

Leaves and strips forever!  I pledge allegiance to all the bud in the United States of stoniness.  So, help me, I’m High.

Get yourself an ANLEY 3×5 Foot Marijuana Leaf USA Flag TODAY!

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You’re a proud smoker who is no ashamed to show your true colors.  And they don’t run, either.

Have a door that needs some color added to it?

Is your wall begging for an awesome flag to take up some space?

Or maybe you just wanna hang it up outside for every 420 day from now on!


Salute the facts about this flag:

  • 3ft x 5ft
  • UV Fade resistant dye
  • Double stitched, polyester
  • 3- month FREE replacement from makers if defective


  • If using outside, make sure the wind is “light”
  • Because this is a cheaper type of material, don’t expect super high quality
  • To make it last longer – keep it indoors

Now cop this, hang it proudly and…

Just Blaze!