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Not All Weed is Created Equal: A Lesson

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Moving to California has opened my eyes to a lot of different things and cannabis is on the top of the list.

From my first experience with cannabis, I learned a few things and want to share it with you.


Origin and Evolution of Indica & Sativa

So how exactly did the words “indica” and “sativa” make it into the world of cannabis worldwide?  And why should they make a difference to you?

Indica and Sativa were introduced in the 18th century to describe different species of cannabis: Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica.

Named by Carl Linneaus, Sativa described hemp plants found in Europe and western Eurasia, where it was cultivated for its fiber and seeds.

Cannabis indica, named by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, describes the mind changing effects discovered in India, where it was harvested for its seeds, fiber, and hashish (hash) production.


So, what are the differences?

You may notice strains are commonly broken up into three distinct groups.

Names and effects:


  • believed to be physically sedating
  • perfect for relaxing
  • good for treating medical ailments, pain


  • tend to be more uplifting
  • have cerebral effects that pair well with physical activity and creative projects
  • less sedating, good for depression symptoms


  • are thought to fall somewhere in between indica & sativa
  • has traits inherited from their parent strains


Cannabis strains look different and grow differently but…

There’s a belief that the different strains deliver distinct effects.

It’s so deeply rooted in mainstream cannabis culture that budtenders (people that sell weed) typically begin their recommendations by asking you which type you prefer.

Information collected by cannabis researchers suggests these categories aren’t as defined as one might hope.

They say there’s little evidence to suggest that indicas and sativas have a consistent pattern of profiles that would make one especially sedating and the other uplifting.

Sometimes you have questions…

What cannabis strain is right for you?  Which product is right for me?

This may seem overwhelming, especially if you’re a consumer trying to find the right product.

To me this should be the fun part!

Cannabis may not be as simple as we’d like, but its complexity is what makes it such a remarkable plant and for all types of situations.

In my other blog I shared my first experience with cannabis and since then I’ve learned which ones are good for me at certain times.

The sativa strains are more of a stimulant and gives me a head high.  I get more energetic and it helps me think much clearer.

Now indica strains are more relaxing to me.  I usually smoke this when in pain or want to sleep through the night.  It gives me a body high that’s heavier, kind of a stoney/sleep type of feeling which I love.

I’m having fun learning and trying all things cannabis, often.


Don’t forget to check out my next blog and let’s trip out together.


G- Smoked Out


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