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G Smoked Out…. Eventually

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What happened the first time I tried weed?
Westside Reefer Madness
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My town wasn't even THIS exciting!

I never wanted or thought about smoking pot before moving to California. I had always thought it was a bad drug that made you lose your mind. Being from a small Midwestern town, I only heard bad things about it.

When I came to visit in 2009 I was first introduced. It was a very green edible, which by the way I only had a tiny piece of. It was a rice crispy treat and I thought I was going to die, LOL!

I was so numb, and it felt like I wasn't in control of my body or mind, or so I thought.

I remember just lying in bed, tears coming down my face and trying to figure things out. I was hella freaking out, I didn’t know what to do!

The good news is I was with someone I trusted and was safe with. They told me to “relax and enjoy the ride.” Yeah right!!!

When I woke up, I was eating everything in sight.

I was so hungry and had no idea why.
I vowed never to try cannabis ever again…

The Cookie Monster Moves to Cannafornia

After I moved to California, my world changed. It seemed like weed was everywhere!

Even though I was interested, I stayed firm and never smoked or ate anything Mary jane related...and trust me I was around it all the time.

About two years later (peer pressure is a MotherF*#@^%, LOL) my second experience was a little better… it came with hallucinations.

I thought there was a load of cookies on my lap, so I kept scooping them out and giving them away. I LOVE cookies, don’t you?

But nothing was there, and I felt amazing during and after!!

I still didn’t want to get “addicted” so I smoked it only a few times…
Plus, I didn't want anyone to know I smoked, so I kept it a secret for a long time.

pot cookies, green cookies, reefer madness, cannabis edible, green rice crispy treats, weed
Mmmm, lap cookies! Want some? Get loaded.
High Times Change

Fast forward to 2018...

I’ve learned so much more about the strains and how they affect me.
Now, I love it so much…

And always look forward to trying new products, especially since its legal!! (Sort of…)

Growing up I have had my own beliefs about cannabis but where did they come from? After learning and experiencing cannabis for myself I feel completely different.

Cannabis is great and has helped me in so many ways. Maybe I’ll tell you how in upcoming posts

Until next time….

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