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Headshop – Wait, do you still call them that?

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One thing that’s changed a lot?  The name we used to call stores that sell products made for…let’s just say, consumption. Well, in California at least.  

Older folks say shit they used to say when they were in their youth.  They don’t say what the current gen says…

Why?  Because they sound ridiculous saying that kind of stuff. Unless you’re Badeewinkle.


Headshop – a place of business that sells ‘drug paraphernalia.’ (paraphernalia sounds so negative, we prefer to call them “tools for entertainment”)  

Good old-fashioned “headshops.” This term is said to have developed somewhere around 1913 when someone used the term ‘head’ to describe people with addiction problems.

To be clear – there are NO addiction problems HERE. LOL

My experience with headshops

I think it was around the mid 90’s, yeah, I’m that seasoned, that I went into my first headshop.

When I turned 18, that was my chance to be worldwide.  I could stay out late, go places I couldn’t before (turned out, you really can’t do anything fun until 21 anyway), and buy things I couldn’t before, not really.

As my memory has faded over the years from being faded, I don’t remember the name of the first place I went in.  But I do remember that it was a lot to take in!

Pipes, bongs, papers, Bob Marley shirts, incense, and other weird shit.  Pretty much the same stuff like present day. Except without all the technology in weed smoking like today.

I know.  Old school.

Back in da day

Back then, when you spoke to the staff in a headshop about the products they sold, there was always this weird vibe.

At times I used to think “These people are paranoid AF, are they on some other kind of dope?”

When I would ask about a product that was obviously made for pot smoking, they would use odd terms to talk about that product and almost always suspect I was DEA or something.

  • Dried herb
  • Tobacco
  • Product
  • Favorite smokable
  • “Whatever you smoke”

Were the majority of the things they used to say.  It was kinda funny when I think about it now.  Back then, it was just weird.

Oh, how things change!

Today, people proudly acknowledge what things are for in “smoke shops.”  So much so, headshops are now called smoke shops.

I can go into almost any smoke shop and ask about products that clean marijuana residue, look for a rig to enjoy my favorite concentrate, or ask which product would be helpful in smoking hash.

Yeah, you can legit do this now, in case you didn’t know!

And people are cool with that.  The employees are actually cool kids that know all the lingo and don’t act like weirdos every time you speak to them.

Gotta love the advancements of society, in some respects.  We still have a loooonng way to go to evolve as humans.  But at least we got cannabis in all its glory and now we can speak freely about it without seeming like a drug addict – in some parts of this country.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!  What do you call your fav shop for weed stuff?  How do people think about ganja in your part of the USA?

Looking forward to the next time – until then…

Just Blaze!


Kando Fo’sho

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