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420 Tip: Meditate for Bigger Hits

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420 Tip: Meditate for Bigger Hits

How my hunt for a better way to relax led me to more peace and improved health.


A Surprise 420 Benefit from Meditation

That’s right, a form of meditation that can improve your lung capacity and strength. And if you dab or smoke marijuana in any kind of way, it helps with that too.

Hi, I’m Kando Fosho and I’m a pothead. A classically trained stoner with a Ph.D. in 420.

A professional smoker of weed is what you can classify me as. I took my first hit when I was 19 and was told to “Hit it and hold it.”, for as long as possible, of course.

Take a lonnnnnng drag and then hold all of that smoke in my lungs until I couldn’t anymore. Seemed easy enough! Until I damn near died from coughing.

They also used to say “The more you cough, the more loaded you get!”

It used to be that the longer you held it in the more “high” you got. Then I read, you really only get that effect because you’re not getting the oxygen to your brain you would have if you were breathing normally.

Kando Fosho Loaded
Let's see if you can guess HOW MUCH fun I had...Comment below


I wonder if that’s really true or if the people who don’t want others to smoke weed just made that shit up.  Any comments about that?  Feel free to comment below.

Now, with highly concentrated weed extracts like waxes/oils and crumbles (among other things), we’re told to “Hit it and release.”

One thing remains true and I don’t think it’ll ever change…




That Time We Smoked A Lot of Pot…


People are making the switch to healthier options such as vaping or eating cannabis.  That’s cool.  We even do it from time to time.

I’m super old school though.  You can usually find me with a good ol’ fashioned joint rolled up or on my way to doing so.

Being from the school of Bong rips and blunts, I had to develop a way to take big hits or the iron lungs around me (my friends) would toke up all the goodies and I’d be left sober in the middle of a party.

That never did happen.

I wasn’t always sober at parties, but I wasn’t the highest either.

Dude...where's my life?

Now that I think of it…neither one of those things is a bad thing.  At least I had my wits about me!

Funny how things turn out though.  I don’t even go to parties where that’s a major part of what’s happening anymore.

When you reach “OG” status the parties transition into some ol’ different shit you thought you’d never be at in your life.  But that’s a whole other topic.

I’ll focus.



Another App…


I wasn’t trying to do it on purpose.  I was actually just looking for another way to calm myself down from time to time.

While looking thru my App store I found one called Prana Breath.  It has different sessions of breathing exercises, some call them breathing gymnastics.

The dev describes it as a way to “Increase mindfulness, improve health, and fight stress with breathing and meditation.”

When I read that I knew I had to try it.

It’s basically what we all do when we seek out the effects of cannabis.  We’re trying to improve our health by fighting stress and the effect is a sort of meditation.

You know it’s true!

If you have the Google App store find the same app I use for Prana Breathing here

I am Iron Lung, my clan: Dank Tokers, trains to improve bong rips and mental health


A Controlled Burn and Breath for Best Health

It isn’t easy learning to control how you breathe.

Taking in short but large inhalations and then, very slowly letting that air escape for a certain count of seconds.

Another one of the exercises has you take in air slowly for a count, hold it for another count and then release for a short count.  All to start over again and again for however long you set the timer for.

So simple. So stoned. So calm.

The first week or two is difficult but you get used to the rhythm.

Then you start to notice something.  It got easier to do.  That’s when you know your lung strength has improved.

It also gave me a clearer mind afterwards.  Like having more oxygen gave me a mental boost.  Who couldn’t use one of those?

If you’ve never done any kind of meditation before because you think its to “woo woo,” this is something to check out if you want a way to chill out anytime and anywhere.  With or without some weed these techniques are super helpful for so many benefits.



More Peace and Big Hits

If you’re a stoner that follows any sort of marijuana page or profile, you most likely have seen someone taking a huge dab.  And most likely, they didn’t cough after doing it either.

Dabs are like the new bong rips.  People love their concentrates!  I can dig it.

Either way, you need to have strong lungs to take any kind of hit from a joint, blunt, bong, pipe or rig.

Roll me a J of the green and I'm good to go!


If you’ve been trying to upgrade your dab sessions with impressive hits, followed by a proper high, try breathing gymnastics or Prana breathing.

There’s a ton of apps out there to help you.

Find out more about Pranayama (Prana) here.

Also, YouTube has plenty of video of folks showing you how to do it.

HOLD ON - Make sure your lungs are strong enough to start.



Warning:  If you have Asthma this method may not be for you.  Even if you don’t have Asthma – BE CAREFUL.  This stuff is nothing to horse around with!





How have you tried to improve your health or rip capacity for smoking?  Tell us in the comments!  Just don’t use all CAPS, bcuz that’s rude.

Like this article?  Holla at us and let us know!  Then share with your crew.


The Kandocious One

Aka: Kando Fosho


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